I’ve hosted five podcasts over the years, some of which are still going strong. I will warn you though, they are uncensored and some are very NSFW:

Still Hosting

Ultima Final Fantasy | The Ultimate Final Fantasy Podcast
Over 1,000,000 downloads!

Ultima Final Fantasy takes you on a journey through the entire Final Fantasy series.

Click HERE for the Youtube Channel. For the RSS feed, look below:

This week on Ultima Final Fantasy the UFF boys finally #review the #ps4 mega hit, #FinalFantasyVIIRemake! #FF7 #FF7r #FinalFantasy #squareenix #Podcast
  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake
  2. Minisode: Joe's Final Fantasy VII Remake Reaction
  3. Secret of Mana
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo
  5. Finale Fantasy

The Godzilla Podcast
The #1 Godzilla Podcast!

One by one Drew and Joe go through the every Godzilla Movies and do info-filled and often hilarious commentaries on them.

Click HERE for the Youtube Playlist. For the RSS feed, look below:

BONUS! Andread: The LIT Godzilla Man! The Godzilla Podcast

This week on The #Godzilla Podcast, we invite Andread on the show for an in-depth and insightful conversation about the Big-G!
  1. BONUS! Andread: The LIT Godzilla Man!
  2. BONUS! The Godzilla Missionary: Spreading the Word of God… Zilla
  3. BONUS! Zach, the Godzilla Grad!
  4. BONUS! Heisei Era Retrospective
  5. Yamato Takeru (1994)

Past Host

[Nude]Clan: A Video Game Podcast
I was on the first 100 or so episodes of this wonderful show. I had to quit in order to focus more on filmmaking, as playing all the video games for both Nude Clan AND UFF was taking far too much time away. This NSFW show is still going very strong without me.

#236 – Easy Entry Nude Clan: A Video Game Podcast

DESCRIPTION:   This week, the boys discuss good entry games into the major genres of gaming!   #videogames #beginner #entrygames #humancentipede   Questions Answered:   What would you each suggest as a gateway game for each genre? (Gateway meaning, to get someone into the genre) #JRPG, #WRPG, #OpenWorld, #Stealth, #Shooter, #Sports, and #ExtremeSports   If you were to human centipede with Zack now in the show and Joe included (if you want)… who would go where?   If I put a pair of boxers on over another pair of boxers, does that count as wearing shorts? Follow up: does having a pee hole/fly or not change your answer?   ————————————-   LINKS   Thanks for your support! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nudeclan Enter to get stickers, episode invites, and a chance to win a video game! Paypal: https://paypal.me/nudeclan Thank you for your donation! Amazon Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/?tag=geekdomentert-20&linkCode=ez Buy cool stuff on Amazon! Audible Affiliate Link: http://audibletrial.com/nudeclan Read with us! Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/nudeclan Subscribe to us on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nudeclangaming If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can subscribe for free!   Check out our official platforms! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nudeclangaming See us record live on Sundays! Twitter: https://twitter.com/nudeclanpodcast This is where you can vote on the next video game we play! Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cFFx4N5 Join the conversation! No, we no longer have a website, people weren’t using it… Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/nudeclangamingpodcast Missed us live? See our old broadcasts here! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newdclanpodcast/   Contact the show! Twitter: https://twitter.com/nudeclanpodcast Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cFFx4N5 Email: nudeclanpodcast@gmail.com Ask us your questions using the number 385-204-3921, Discord, or the Twitter hashtag #nudeclanq!   Contact Cameron https://twitter.com/nudeclancam   Contact Kaleb Craig https://twitter.com/Obsidianbah   Contact Kaleb Schweiss https://twitter.com/UFFPodcast   Contact Zach https://twitter.com/BGrixis   OTHER GREAT SHOWS   Check out these other great Geekdom Entertainment Podcasts! Ultima Final Fantasy: https://ultimafinalfantasy.libsyn.com/ For over 5 years Ultima Final Fantasy took you on a journey through the entire Final Fantasy series; from the main games that you know and love, to obscure titles such as "My Life as a Darklord". The Godzilla Podcast: https://godzillapodcast.libsyn.com/ One by one Drew and Joe are gonna go through the Godzilla Movies and talk about them. The King of the Monsters is back! For a Few Chickens More: A Song of Schweiss and Johnson: https://forafewchickensmoreasongofschweissandjohnson.libsyn.com/ Two old work buddies unite to talk everything Game of Thrones. From the epic ongoing HBO mega-hit to the sprawling worlds created by George R.R. Martin, Kaleb Schweiss and James Johnson discuss it all. (Archived) The Puff-Puff Hour: A Dragon Quest Podcast: https://puffpuffhour.libsyn.com/ 2 Guys and whatever Craig is, review every Dragon Quest title released here in the U.S. Discuss it's legacy and influence into the RPG genre.. (Archived) Getting P.H.A.T. with Kaleb and Joe | Adventures in Self-Discipline: https://gettingphat.libsyn.com/ Join Kaleb and Joe on their journey to become phat (not fat) and healthy! With weekly episodes for you to enjoy, Kaleb and Joe discuss their lives, answer listener questions, and talk about whatever is on their minds. (Archived) Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction: https://supersexy.libsyn.com/ Fan-Fiction isn't for the articulate. So it's time to point that out. Listen as we read horribly written; sometimes downright disgusting stories.   TAGS   #videogames #gaming #comedy #podcast #video #games #drunk #review #reviews #live #playstation #ps1 #ps2 #ps3 #ps4 #pcgaming #steam #xbox #xbox360 #xboxone #nintendo #switch #wii #wiiU #gamecube #snes #n64 #nes #famicom #indiegames #movies  #pokemon #finalfantasy #halo #metalgearsolid #zelda #residentevil
  1. #236 – Easy Entry
  2. #235 – Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Review
  3. After Dark #101 – A Presidential Fighting Game
  4. #234 – PlayStation 5: Future of Gaming Event
  5. After Dark #100 – When the Issue is in the Spotlight

Getting PHAT with Kaleb and Joe
Kaleb Schweiss and I started this show for two reasons. One, to have a place to go off-topic, which we often did on Ultima Final Fantasy. Two, to lose weight. Eventually the feed became the place where fans could listen to making-of podcasts on my movies.

The Making of The 13th Cross – Part 8: The Home Stretch! Getting P.H.A.T. with Kaleb and Joe | Adventures in Self-Discipline

In this episode of our Making Of series, Joseph and Parker discuss the entire post-production process for the film! Also! If you're in St. George this July, come see the film at the Desertscape Film Festival!
  1. The Making of The 13th Cross – Part 8: The Home Stretch!
  2. The Making of The 13th Cross – Part 7: We Just Shot a Movie!
  3. The Making of The 13th Cross – Part 6
  4. The Making of The 13th Cross – Part 5
  5. The Making of The 13th Cross – Part 4

Super Sexy Swingin’ Fan Fiction
We thought it would be funny to read erotic fan-fiction. It was funny, but also horrendously disgusting, and I had to leave the show on moral grounds. But, the internet is written in ink, so there’s no use hiding my shame. It’s hosted by other people now.

a  submitted fanfic called "Daylight Savings"
  1. Daylight Savings Part 1
  2. State Of The Podcast
  3. Jessica and Medea Parts 1 & 2
  4. Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Bellboy
  5. Mommy Dearest
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