Other Projects

I am a man of many hobbies.


Since 2014, starting with a fan podcast of the Final Fantasy series (Ultima Final Fantasy) I’ve co-hosted a variety of podcasts, some of which have had a moderate amount of success on iTunes. In fact, The 13th Cross was mostly funded by listeners of my Podcasts, for which I will be forever grateful. You can see the podcasts I’ve co-hosted by clicking HERE. I will warn you though, much of my podcast content is NSFW.


A good chunk of my teenage years were spent practicing guitar and writing songs in order to become a rock star. True, I was making films at the same time, and film eventually became my focus, but music is still a very important part of my life. You can check out my music posts by clicking HERE. Once again, some content here is NSFW.


I’m no cinematographer, but in order to keep my eyes sharp I will sometimes go out with my digital camera and take some images. Sometimes they turn out alright. My photography posts can be found by clicking HERE. More can be found on my Instagram Page.

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