Chicken Coop

A new Christmas feature film from Space Titanium Productions, LLC.

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Video Introduction

What is Chicken Coop?

Chicken Coop is an upcoming Christmas film set to star Eric Wood, Monica Moore Smith, and Mark Bracich.

“Chicken Coop” by Joseph DeGolyer

From the creators of “The 13th Cross”, and the award-winning short “Immanuel’s Song”:

Chicken Coop is a funny, heartwarming, and intimate story about a rich LA lawyer dragged by his wife to the country to reconnect with his father during the holidays and help fix a busted pipe.

This isn’t your average Christmas movie filled with shiny lights and jingle bells playing on the soundtrack, but rather an honest look at a small family’s inability to communicate.

A full team is still being put together, and there could be opportunities to invest, help crowdfund, or pre-order in the near future. If you would like to be a part of the making of Chicken Coop, please join the mailing list where we can keep you updated on the project.

The Team


Monica Moore Smith

Monica Moore Smith is an actor, singer, model, dancer, and speaker. Best known for starring as Julie Flinders in the cult classic “Saturday’s Warrior” and Producing the 2021 feature “Even in Dreams”, in which she also starred.

Eric Wood

Eric Wood is an actor best known for his role as Neil Rowland in “Out of Liberty” and stars as Moses in the upcoming film “The 13th Cross”. In addition to his acting work, Eric has written and directed numerous award-winning short films including “Parabolic” and “The Cave”.

Mark Bracich

Mark Bracich is a retired US Air Force colonel, combat rescue helicopter pilot, wilderness horseback outfitter, and rancher. Recently, his endless curiosity has led him down the the artistic path, and Mark has won numerous film festival awards for his abilities in acting and filmmaking.


Joseph DeGolyer | Director/Writer

Joseph DeGolyer is a filmmaker and writer best known for the controversial short, “Immanuel’s Song” and the upcoming film, “The 13th Cross”. He is also known for hosting too many podcasts.

Parker Peterson | Director of Photography

Parker Peterson is a cinematographer and portrait photographer. His work on “Immanuel’s Song” won him an award for Best Cinematography at the Utah Film Awards, and his visual experiments can be found on his Instagram page.

Sterling Andrews | Gaffer

Sterling Andrews is a Cinematographer, Gaffer, and Director of Commercials at Chamber Media. His feature directorial debut, “Living in the Last Days” is in post-production.

Austin Schadewald | First Assistant Camera Operator

Austin is an award-winning director, cinematographer, and owner/operator of Austin Schadewald Media LLC. Recent film titles he has worked on include “Lost Rhoades”, “Shred of Decency”, and “Bundy Manor”. He recently directed a short thriller called “Fishbowl”.

Melanie Browning | Associate Producer/Social Media Advocate

Melanie Browning is a producer, actor, and owner of Spotlight, LLC. Recently, she’s teamed up with Colin Cunningham to produce the upcoming film “Centigrade Rising”, based on Cunningham’s incredible short film.

James Gameboy | Music

James Gameboy is an Oregon-based musician and filmmaker, whose work can be found on his Spotify page, in the soundtrack of many short films, and in three upcoming feature films, including “The 13th Cross”.

Timo Elliott | Production/Costume Design

Timo Elliott is an LA-based Costume Designer, Writer, and award-winning Martial Artist. His specialty costuming work has been featured in the projects of SCPS Unlimited, Global Effects, and The LA Opera.

Jake Proctor | Sound Design

Jacob Proctor is an award-winning Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer and co-owner of Strawberry Sound Studios. His work can be found in numerous shorts and feature films, including “Cyborg-X” starring Danny Trejo.

Kreigh Carter | Sound Recordist

Kreigh is a Sound Recordist and Boom Operator known for his work on the smash hit indie horror film “Midsommar” and the popular sketch show, “Studio C”.

Please note: All cast and crew positions are subject to change.

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