Immanuel’s Song

Introduction: Immanuel’s Song is an Award Winning fictional short film inspired by a real-life interrogation with infamous Elizabeth Smart kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell as he tries to prove to the FBI that he’s a prophet of God. Shot by students of Utah Valley University as a senior project for graduation, this film was immediately metContinue reading “Immanuel’s Song”

The Redneck Backscratcher Commercials

This is a series of commercials I made while in Film School for my dad’s friend. They were written by Entrepreneur, Johnathan Wright, and shot at his restaurant in Ogden, UT early in 2016. It’s a real product you can find on Amazon, by the way. Some big Youtuber came across these videos at someContinue reading “The Redneck Backscratcher Commercials”

Home Movies in Purgatory

The following are the surviving short films and home videos I made with my friends between the time I graduated High School and the time I finally changed my major to Cinema Production. Habitual bad spelling continues on from the stuff I made in High School, but these are SLIGHTLY more sophisticated. Once again, youContinue reading “Home Movies in Purgatory”

Start With Nothing (2011)

This was the first time I was ever on a real film set. My neighbor, Susan Phelan, had been asked to direct this little micro budget film (her first feature film). She knew I wanted to make movies and needed High School kids, so she invited me to come to the set for a fewContinue reading “Start With Nothing (2011)”