The Hardline Challenge

The Hardline Challenge is a series of documentary style videos that I put together for Outdoor Vitals to tell the story of how my coworkers learned how to train to fastpack and do some intense mountain thru-hikes during the summer of 2021. They filmed themselves on the trail, and I proceeded to interview them andContinue reading “The Hardline Challenge”

Videos Made for Outdoor Vitals (2021)

Starting in the summer of 2021, I took a job as the Content Creator for Outdoor Vitals. Here are the videos that I’ve put together for them. In addition to these YouTube posts, I also put together a documentary-style series called “The Hardline Challenge”, which I’m pretty proud of. Designing the Shadowlight Uinta Highline GearContinue reading “Videos Made for Outdoor Vitals (2021)”

Jake Jeong Political Campaign

These are a series of commercials that I created for Jake Jeong’s run for LA County Supervisor in 2020. They specifically asked me to make it look amateur, so I used my home equipment and ran all around LA to gather footage for the ads and did the voice-over myself. Every time I think aboutContinue reading “Jake Jeong Political Campaign”

The Redneck Backscratcher Commercials

This is a series of commercials I made while in Film School for my dad’s friend. They were written by Entrepreneur, Johnathan Wright, and shot at his restaurant in Ogden, UT early in 2016. It’s a real product you can find on Amazon, by the way. Some big Youtuber came across these videos at someContinue reading “The Redneck Backscratcher Commercials”