The Redneck Backscratcher Commercials

This is a series of commercials I made while in Film School for my dad’s friend. They were written by Entrepreneur, Johnathan Wright, and shot at his restaurant in Ogden, UT early in 2016. It’s a real product you can find on Amazon, by the way. Some big Youtuber came across these videos at someContinue reading “The Redneck Backscratcher Commercials”

Songs Made To Make My Friends Laugh

Over the years I’ve recorded a bunch of stupid (and often quite offensive) songs to make my friends laugh. Usually they’re about someone or something that happened recently, and utilizing whatever microphone I had on hand, I would record something in like 20 minutes and surprise them with an email with an MP3 attached. Anyway,Continue reading “Songs Made To Make My Friends Laugh”