Videos Made for Outdoor Vitals (2021)

Starting in the summer of 2021, I took a job as the Content Creator for Outdoor Vitals. Here are the videos that I’ve put together for them.

In addition to these YouTube posts, I also put together a documentary-style series called “The Hardline Challenge”, which I’m pretty proud of.

Designing the Shadowlight

Uinta Highline Gear List

5 Things Ultralight Backpackers MUST Leave at Home!

KotaUL: Ultralight Travel & Adventure Backpack Kickstarter Campaign (edit only)

KotaUL Best Practices: 3 Ways to Pack

Dan Becker Took MY BACKPACK! How OV Does R&D

KotaUL vs. Shadowlight – Which Ultralight Backpack is Right for You?

Introducing the NovaUL and NovaPro Puffy Jackets

3 Things You NEED to Know When Buying Your Next Puffy Jacket

How to Make Coffee on the Trail – 2 METHODS for Making Backcountry Coffee for Ultralight Backpackers

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