Immanuel’s Song


Immanuel’s Song is an Award Winning fictional short film inspired by a real-life interrogation with infamous Elizabeth Smart kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell as he tries to prove to the FBI that he’s a prophet of God.

Shot by students of Utah Valley University as a senior project for graduation, this film was immediately met with controversy by the local religious community due to its subject matter and content. Local actors read the script and refused to take part for religious reasons, and some of UVU’s school staff attempted to censor it and ended up changing their content standards for short films for later graduating classes of their film studies program. What needed censoring? Four F-Words. At least, that’s what they said.

Despite all of the local controversy, it was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Ryan Templeman) and won Best Cinematography (Parker Peterson) at the Utah Film Awards. It also won the Gold Reel Award at the Nevada International Film Festival.

Now it is online for the whole world to see. We hope you enjoy our crazy little movie:

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