Start With Nothing (2011)

This was the first time I was ever on a real film set. My neighbor, Susan Phelan, had been asked to direct this little micro budget film (her first feature film). She knew I wanted to make movies and needed High School kids, so she invited me to come to the set for a few days after school. I show up in the movie near the end as a football player. I know it played at a film festival in Provo, but it was never picked up for distribution. Although it seemed like a professional set at the time, when I watched it nearly a decade later with my friends, the whole production seemed a little, well… Rough.

But, I had a good time making it, and if that hottie Anna Rasmussen is reading this, I am still available.

Here’s the trailer:

And, if you want, you can rent the movie on Amazon:

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