Sugar Stone 2009/2010 Recordings

More info about my High School rock band: After we kicked out Steve from Brookside, Doug and I got a second guitarist and re-branded. I re-recorded Steve’s demos and we made various attempts to try home recording (something I couldn’t figure out how to do with any success until like 2015).

First are the official demos in the order they played in when we printed our CD’s:

“Tonight” was a demo recorded in the same manner. But, frankly, we thought the recording sucked and chose not put it on the CD:

Right about when our band was dying, we attempted to make our own album at home. Unfortunately, we were plagued with technical problems and the project (and our band) fizzled out. Just before that project, I wrote our last song “Just for a Moment”, and made a REALLY rough demo using my parents’ laptop’s built-in speaker:

Some time after that, I tried a different setup to record the guitar directly into the microphone jack of the computer. I put together some unused riffs and made drum noises with my keyboard:

THEN! I felt we were ready to make our own demo. Here are two Vlogs we recorded about the making of our homemade album that never happened, followed by the ONE recording we made (which is very unfinished):

This last demo was one I made around 2014/2015 when the Podcasts were paying for Adobe Audition and I had a decent microphone to record music on, so I tried re-recording our last song again:

…..Those are all the surviving demos. Overall I probably wrote about 30 songs (only chunks of which I can remember now), but only ended up recording a handful. Doug Jenkins co-wrote one song with me (Death By My Hand, practice video below), Steve, Doug, and I collaborated on a song called “Live Today” (which I REALLY wish we recorded), and Steve wrote the verses for “Walk Away” (which you can listen to on the Brookside page). What follows are the results of searching for all surviving video footage of the band playing at practice or live:

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