Brookside 2008 demos

In Jr. High and then eventually High School, Steven Krutch and I were trying to make a band work. We ran through tons of configurations of players, almost none of which had the will to practice consistently. That is, until we found Doug Jenkins as our drummer. I don’t think we were too bad for High Schoolers… The songs that I wrote by myself, I took over to “Sugar Stone” and re-recorded the vocals on about a year after we kicked Steven out of the band. Honestly to this day I can’t even remember why we kicked him out. Kinda ruined a friendship for no reason. I wanna say his dad got sick and he stopped coming to practice and the general consensus was that I was a better singer anyway. But, there’s probably more to it than I’m remembering. Anyway, here are the Brookside demos:

Made a little music video for “Walk Away” and “GEAD”, but only the one for “walk Away” survives.

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